A Proposal to Extract K2 Megalith From The Ravne Complex, Komplot, Brussels, 2017
collaboration with Gauthier Oushoorn

Megalith (2017)

As part of the attempt to organise an exhibition of peculiar artifacts in the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, I collaborated with the artist Gauthier Oushoorn to document the K2 Megalith artifact. The work Megalith (2017) is a one to one scale drawing of the artifact, discovered in 2006 in the Ravne tunnel, just a few kilometers away from the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. 

The videowork Energija (2016) documents the first phase of drawing the artifact in the Ravne Tunnel in Visoko. During their time in the Ravne tunnel complex, Nolf and Oushoorn were interrupted several times because of guided tours passing by the site, ready to meditate and feel the energy of the stone.

Energija, 2016